Mittwoch, November 15, 2006

ABC Update: Consolidated Media Report, Reporting for Sponsored Sales and Partnerships

Some major subjects:

- The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) allows now consumer magazines the option to report print circulation, Web site traffic, and other auditable media in one aggregated gross figure summarized on a Consolidated Media Report.

ABC launched a similar report for business publications in July. See our earlier entry:
ABC's Aggregates Audience Data for B2B Publisher Advertisers

Update to this post:
'Total Audience Reach' is now called 'Total Contacts' and can include tradeshow figures (and 'special' sales in b2b are allowed to be counted (again)as paid)

- ABC modified sponsored sales rules for consumer magazines, starting January 2007

- The ABC board also modified rules governing magazine partnership programs, agreeing to eliminate nondeductible partner sales effective July 1, 2007.

Summary Board Actions (November Meeting 2006)