Dienstag, November 07, 2006

Edelman On Probation

Following Edelman's acknowledgement that it was behind a series of flogs, or fake blogs, for its client Wal-Mart, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association has placed the agency under a 90-day review.

WOMMA said it had 'determined that the company has breached the WOMMA Ethics Code--a code that Edelman helped write.'

WOMMA asked Edelman to

"- Provide assurances that all inappropriate programs have been stopped.
- Provide a briefing to the WOMMA Executive Committee to fully explain the details of the incident.
- Implement a training program to educate all employees on ethical practices and disclosure requirements.
- Institute systems to prevent violations from happening in the future, and to correct them if they do.
- Formally participate in upcoming WOMMA ethics programs and comply with all new ethics requirements for members.
- Provide detailed documentation of compliance with the above requests"

More / via Online Media Daily

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