Dienstag, November 14, 2006

Gratification Factors & Motivation of Citizen Journalists

I am working right now on a citizen project for a client in Germany. Shaun Suttons' Study paper THE .MY. IN OHMYNEWS, came just in time.

In his model to establish the motives of citizen journalists on five levels:

Level: Self gain
- To have fun and enjoy as I love writing.
- To pass time when I am bored.
- To watch the reaction to my articles.
- To see my articles published online.
- To receive money.

Level: Personal development
- To gain status and build my reputation.
- To develop a sense of responsibility and ethics.
- To develop an internet identity.
- To display my passion.
- To articulate my own ideas and opinions.

Level: Community interaction
- To develop connections with other people.
- To debate with other people.
- To take part in an interactive conversation.
- To take on a role in an online community.
- To gain mutual understanding among opinionated people.

Level: Information dispersal
- To inform others about my first-hand accounts of news and events.
- To inform others about me and my life.
- To create and share new knowledge with others.
- To inform others about the happenings of the world.
- To exercise my right to .freedom of expression..

Level: Social reform
- To set an agenda about a particular issue.
- To support or protest against a particular individual, group or idea.
- To mobilise citizens for support or protest.
- To challenge the mainstream media (newspapers, broadcasters etc).
- To reject the status quo and offer alternative ideas to society.

I would be interested to know how this would look like in our region e.g. Germany - Input is always welcommed! (We also need this factors for readers, advertisers, sponsors, organizers and editors.)

This are the results from Shaun's study for citizen journalists writing for OhmyNews (Korean edition)

Copyright Shaun Sutton (September 2006), University of Leeds, United Kingdom

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