Samstag, November 04, 2006

India: Readership and Ad Revenues are Booming

Simon Robinson on (31-Oct-2006):

"Magazines and newspapers in the U.S. may be going through tough times. But in India, readership and ad revenues are booming". And he is quoting the NRS Studie released in August 2006" ... "There are many ways to measure the vibrancy of India's publishing industry.

Take the growth in newspaper readership: According to a survey by the National Readership Studies Council released in August, the number of people in India who read a newspaper every day grew by 12.6 million people to 203.6 million over the previous year, a jump of more than 6% ..."


India has about 1,095 million, or 758 million people 15 years and older

via MediaDailyNews:

"While the publishing industry struggles to find growth in the United States, it is astonishingly vibrant in the world's largest democracy: India

and it takes Rank 105 on the Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

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