Montag, November 13, 2006

Reader-Writer Cash In On Social Network

Relaunched has a new scheme to reward readers for news recommendations and comments ... writes Oliver Luft on

" has re-launched as a revenue-sharing social network website offering financial rewards to readers for posting news and comments. The beta version site pays people to blog, post news, videos, comment on and rate stories, with greater frequency of community interaction leading to higher levels of remuneration from a monthly cash pot.

Readers are paid for their contribution by being given a share of advertising revenue as they create the aggregation and comment pages on which it is carried [...] "

" [...] contributors have to work hard for their money.
October's cash pot was $1000 from which leading earner Wolfman2001 took home the princely sum of $349.38. If paid in Canadian dollars - it's not that clear - the amount equates to £162 [...]"