Freitag, November 24, 2006

A Social Media Guidelines for PR in the Making

Neville Hobson pointed today to CIPR (the Chartered Institute of Public Relation - UK)

CIPR has just launched a 'social media paper' and opens the consultation and discussions on the matter (open until Dec 31, 2006).

The guidelines cover the following topics:
• Introduction – what social media is
• Social media and the CIPR Code of Conduct
• Potential legal issues
• What to be aware of as an employer / employee
• Other issues: Astroturfing; Ghosting; Off the record; Wikis; Rules of engagement; The future
• Further information: CIPR resources; Useful links

If you live in the UK, they invite you to partizipate and if not ...

you might learn a lot from reading this thoughtful and sometimes pr mind provoking consultation paper for developing your own guidelines.

Read more about it, at Tony Bradley (he is CIPR's president) Blog PR Voice

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