Dienstag, Dezember 19, 2006

B2B China Goes Online: e.g. Netsun IPO

Auf den VDZ Zeitschriftentagen haben wir auch über das Thema 'Internationalisierung als Wachstumsstrategie' gesprochen. Meine Einlassungen, dass man auch in Länder wie China & Indien 'auf der Höhe der Zeit Cross-Media gehen müsse' da diese Länder eher nicht die volle Distanz 'Ochsentour' erst via Print gehen würden, wurde nachsichtig belächelt. Hier ein Beispiel, was geht:

Last Friday Netsun went public (December 15, 2006). According to my contact was the first (and very successful) IPO in B2B with an online only concept with revenue sole from member fee and advertisement (and without transaction). The issue price was originally set to 14.09 RMB, however the price increased 383% when the market was open. Even the owner of Netsun Mr. Sun Deliang was suprised and kind a shocked from how much his pure "Network Concept" was valued on the mainland stock market.

Netsun's B2B properties include

chemnet.com.cn& chemnet.com

texnet.com.cn & TexWeb.com


and a vertical search engine for chemicals ChemIndex

Some more background

My advise to publisher:
People and companies in China are not uses to pay a lot for print publication and advertisers don't pay much for advertising pages. Internet and Mobil approaches - integrating in the working environment - do have a good chance to be a bargain for the industry and a highly profitable business for innovative publishers.