Donnerstag, Dezember 21, 2006

EIAA Mediascope Europe 2006

EIAA Mediascope Europe 2006 Report provides an insight into the evolution of TV, internet, Radio, Newspaper and magazine consumption across Europe and the role the internet plays in people lives (Surveys over 7,000 respondents from 10 countries):

Top Results:

• The average European internet user now spends 11 hours 20 minutes a week online compared to 10 hours and 15 minutes in 2005, an increase of 11%

• The average European is now online 5.4 days a week.

• Europeans spend 72% of their online time for personal reasons and 28% of their time online for work.

• The study reveals that social networking and establishing personal connections via internet phone calls, instant messaging and online forums will continue to drive internet growth as the medium becomes a more ingrained part of the consumer’s lifestyle:

- Social networking websites are used by nearly a quarter of online Europeans, at least once a month
- Online forums have seen a 30% increase in use year-on-year
- 31% of online users in Europe download music at least once a month
- 15% of European Internet users conduct telephone calls via the internet – a growth rate of 50% from last year

(from EIAA Newsletter)

Summary (PDF)