Montag, Dezember 18, 2006

Hosted Conversations via Ad Widgets

Liz Gannes writes on GigaOM:

"Public relations firm Edelman has enlisted RSS toolmaker NewsGator to build ad widgets that pull in feeds, ratings, and comments. The joint product, called 'Hosted Conversations,' launches Monday.

The rather smart idea here is for brands to loosen their grip on their marketing in the hopes of stimulating relevant community participation. A curated set of news and blog feeds will jumpstart content, and people who click through the ad are given a place to have their say.

These days, ads are essentially anonymous donors to social media. The NewsGator-Edelman offering gives a way to engage people that’s a little more productive than punch the monkey. And if nobody participates… well, you’ve still got a banner ad [...]

Snapshot: GigaOm