Freitag, Dezember 15, 2006

Trust in the Age of Citizen Journalism

From Tom Glocer - Reuters CEO - on Tom Glocer's Blog (Beta):

He spoke at the Globes Business Conference in Tel Aviv (11-Dec-2006) 'about trust in media today, taking into account the growing popularity of blogging and all other types of citizen journalism ...'

He shared some of his / Reuters views to questions like:

- What does the future look like in a world in which the consumer has taken over the printing press, the dark room, the television studio?

- What does the result of a mash-up of professional and “amateur” actually look like?

- What comes after he comfortable one-way model of publisher to editor to journalist to reader has changed forever?

more (text of his speech)

via the Center for Citizen Media: Blog Trusting Who, Exactly, by Dan Gillmor

Falls ich mich richtig erinnere, gab es die Problematik der 'Authentizität' von Fotos (u.a.) schon vor der wachsenden Popularität von Blogging und anderen Formen des Citizen Journalismus.