Donnerstag, Dezember 14, 2006

What Would Radical Transparency Mean For Wired or Any Other Magazine?

Chris Anderson (Editor-in-Chief at Wired, the one with the Long Tail) and his team at Wired have a "pretty clear vision of what a magazine website in 2007 could be, but we've still got a long way to go".

So Chris started on The Long Tail a multi-part story that should be read from anyone in the magazine business and caring about the future and the relationship with the magazines 'participants'

In Part 1 he shares 3 Than - Now views:
"THEN: Bookmarks and habit drive traffic to the home page; site architecture and editorial hierarchy determines where readers go next. Portals rule.

NOW: Search and blog links drive readers to individual stories; they leave as quickly as they come. "De-portalization" rules.

THEN: Readers read HTML in a standard web browser window. If you want to be really fancy, design a whole new Flash interface that people will have to learn to get to your content. Charge for "premium content"? Sure!

NOW: More and more people read via RSS, where content is divorced from context. Media is atomized and microchunked. Even if readers do come to your site, the expectation is [...]

THEN: We control the site. Editors are gatekeepers.

NOW: We share control with readers. Editors catalyze and curate conversations that happen as much "out there" as on our own site."


In short:
Be happy, when your 'partners' do come to your party and entertain them well (to their likings) - so they will consider your next invitation!

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What if magazines were published using radical transparency?