Montag, Dezember 04, 2006

Will It Be Print-to-Web or Blog-to-Web

Many times I voiced my strong belief, that print is (for the time being) the best driver to deliever their readers to companies website. If print is taking it's chance and does its job.

From this snip (taken from AdAge) it seems, that consumer-generated is 'learning' fast, maybe to fast for some:

"Recent research by VNU's Nielsen BuzzMetrics using Nielsen's Homescan consumer panel showed

33% of creators of consumer-generated media (in the form of video or blogs)

also provide e-mail feedback to companies or brands via their websites, and

13% participate in brand or company blogs.

Their engagement with corporate and brand sites is well above the norm for the general population [...]"

from the article
Marketers' Websites Outdraw Those of Major Media Players