Freitag, Januar 12, 2007

Does Media Know: Bloggers and Journalists Are Not One

Joey Alarilla wrote at the CNETAsia Babelmachine and (before on his Blog):

"Right now, we're seeing two kinds of responses (from old media). One response is apparently

- Old Media thinking: "Hey, I have these popular columnists or newscasters. I'm sure they'll also be a hit as bloggers."

The other is

- Old Media taking in more bloggers so as to attract new readers, the idea presumably being that the blogger will know what the new audience wants, and that he will bring along loyal readers of his site who otherwise might never have been interested in the publication.

It will be interesting to see how this situation will play out, and I really don't see just one approach proving to be the right way to go. They might be stopgap measures, but they won't amount to much unless a publication reinvents itself for the Web. Still, I'd like to see media owners actually realizing when their old stars are not the ones best suited for the online world ..."

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via J. Angelo Racoma at The Blog Herald