Sonntag, Januar 28, 2007

Great B2B Publishing Opportunities Online in China

ABM is quite active for its member and this days specially in China - no wonder so close to the 36th FIPP World Magazine Congress May 13 - 15, 2007 in Beijing.

We do not know what the Deutsche Fachpresse or PPA UK are doing right now in this direction, but ... there are - as I mentioned on the podium at the Zeitschriftentage 2006 in Berlin - great opportunities in B2B Online.

My partner and friend Paul Woodward (BSG Asia) is stressing this point in his comment:

"Don't forget the online component of all this. In many segments of publishing, magazines have not reached real critical mass in terms of business development. With 137 million Internet users, 50 million of them with broadband, there are real opportunities for B2B media companies to pursue aggressive on-line only strategies linked to strong face-to-face events of which (unlike magazines) they can have 100% control. I know the ABM Leadership group was very impressed with the numbers that Global Sources' Merle Hinrichs shared with them on the percentage of business that group is doing online and the incredibly fast growth of its face-to-face activities."

P.S. Until January 31, FIPP offers an attractive early bird discount, so hurry up!