Samstag, Januar 27, 2007

'Social Media Engines' - the Next Big Thing

Michael Arrington showed on Crunchnotes where his traffic comes from in December 2006

1. google[organic] 391,034
2. (direct)[(none)] 326,796
3.[referral] 192,774
4.[referral] 78,960
5.[referral] 46,621
6.[referral] 32,444
7.[referral] 25,561
8.[referral] 22,294
9.[referral] 22,035

10.[referral] 19,643
11.[referral] 18,869

and Danny Silivan wrote base on this data
Beyond Google: Social Media Engines First, Other Search Engines Second
or the 'kissing cousin's of search






are the traffic power house that are rapidly becoming the equivalent of major search engines - and publishers or search marketers need to think of harnessing them even before traditional players like Yahoo or MSN.


o.k. other sites, with different orientation and traffic might have a quite different order of referers ...

via JD Lasica

Search engine land has a short description about the DNRS's