Montag, Februar 26, 2007

How To make Money With Social Media & Web 2.0

One way is, speaking about Social Media & Web 2.0 as Tom Foremski reports on SiliconValleyWatcher

Yakety Yak: There are several ways to monetize Web 2.0

"Take a look at these speaker fees, which some of our top Web 2.0 evangelists collect many times per year (these are starting amounts, sometimes less in return for promotional exchanges, sometimes more.)

- Tim O'Reilly, the godfather of Web 2.0 is paid a speaking fee of about $40K.

- Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine and the author of the book about the "Long Tail" gets paid about $34K for a speaking engagement.

- John Battelle, the Google and "search" expert, and author, commands a speaker fee of about $24K [...]

So what about my argument to our citizen reporter and moderator's, that most people who write or speak about a subject they want to and have to say something about, don't write or speak for money ...?