Samstag, März 31, 2007

Citizen Journalism Front Runner OhmyNews Faces More Challenges Ahead

Vanessa Hua, staff writer of the San Franciso Chronicle, gives an update on OhmyNews (International, English site) and Oh Yeon Ho (the founder) and Lee Han Ki (CEO) of OhmyNews room to tell their interesting story and give their views on the future:

Quote 1:
"After having turned a small profit for three years, OhmyNews slid into the red in 2006. It faces growing competition in South Korea, has failed to catch fire beyond its borders and, most important, has lost its luster as the must-read, latest new thing."

Quote 2:
"like other media, old and new, depends on advertising and content sales, and now must seek to expand those revenue streams and find new ones."

Quote 3:
"At OhmyNews' office (...) 65 professional editors, reporters and video journalists vet hundreds of stories submitted daily by the 43,000 citizen journalists in South Korea. About a third are spiked -- because of unverified facts, inappropriate topics or hints of slander. Rejected stories get a second chance if the writers agree to take a writing clinic and learn how to rework a story."

Quote 4:

"OhmyNews publishes about 150 stories each day, up to a third of which come from the professional staff and the rest from citizens. Readers can offer instant feedback online and monetary tips. The site attracts up to 800,000 unique visitors and up to 2 million page views a day ... "


While OhmyNews' "sees its expansion into Japan as a key aspect of a much grander plan and want the OhmyNews model to go around the world with OhmyNews as the center of a worldwide network of citizen journalism", I think that citizen journalism doesn't need a center but studying and learning from each other is key.

International Project (28-March-2007)
OhmyNews Opens Research into Global Citizen Journalism

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