Montag, März 26, 2007

How To Save Newspaper - Great suggestions from Doc Searls

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Michael Gisiger hat Doc's Vorschläge ins Deutsche übersetzt .

1. Stop giving away the news and charging for the olds

2. Start featuring archived stuff on the paper's website

3. Link outside the paper

4. Start following, and linking to, local bloggers and even competing papers

5. Start looking toward the best of those bloggers as potential stringers

6. Start looking to citizen journalists (CJs) for coverage of hot breaking local news topics

7. Stop calling everything 'content'

8. Uncomplicate your websites

9. Get hip to the Live Web

10. Publish Rivers of News for readers who use Blackberries or Treos or Nokia 770s, or other handheld Web browsers

11. Remember the higher purpose (of) informative writing ... (is) writing that will hopefully inform readers ...

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via Brian Solis on PR 2.0