Montag, März 19, 2007

Magazine Publishers See No Profit in Shift to Internet

At least the ones partizipating and showing hands at FIPP's Magazine Media 2.0 last week in Hannover, Germany.

"Only a few of the hundreds of international print media execs at the Magazine Media 2.0 conference in Hanover, Germany say they are making more than 3% of their sales online. And only one company, Meredith, the U.S. publisher of Better Homes & Gardens, says it is making a profit ..."

from the IHT by Kevin J. O'Brien

One quote from the loser conference, by Andreas Wiele from Axel Springer, Berlin:

"We are making a lot of sales online, but over all we are still making a loss" ... [Axel Springer didn't want to have an Internet strategy, HEM] "But we basically had no choice. Our advertisers are demanding an Internet strategy and we have to have one."

Pure boy, ... how mean and improper from your clients (paying your bill) to push you into this direction!