Freitag, März 16, 2007 First Assignment 'Zero'

It sounds like great news and a bit to complicated, what Jay Rosen explains about the first Assignment: Assignment Zero in partnership between and Newsvine.

(More also on Pressthink)

From Jay's essay at
"It's called Assignment Zero because we needed to jump start our site somehow, and this project with Wired turned out to be it. We're trying to create a pro-am, open-platform reporting tool that we can improve and modify later, for use in bigger, more sprawling and difficult stories down the road. Maybe about the environment. Or the schools. Or -- who knows? -- the war."

It is a collaborative writing project, something we also plan to experiment with on our new social media platform. If you understand it, maybe you want to explain it to me, other lets wait and see whether and how the projects develops.