Sonntag, April 22, 2007

How to Become the 'King' of Hyper-Local News

Steve Outing (at his Editors & Publisher Column 'Stop The Presses') points to and explains:

"In a nutshell, seeks to bring together and finely categorize news and information from all sorts of sources online, down to the neighborhood level. It's seeking to become the place you'll go to zero in on your neighborhood and find everything that's being written or produced about it -- as well as recruit original content about your neighborhood in a social networking experiment.

The website was created in part in reaction to the "placeblogging" trend. Placebloggers, of course, are usually individuals who write blogs about a specific geographic location. There are now thousands of people blogging about their communities -- covering large metro areas, or neighborhoods within cities, or small towns, or military bases, or boarding schools, etc.

Most of the placebloggers operate independently, perhaps writing a placeblog out of nothing more than love for and passion about their communities. Some have figured out how to turn them into small businesses by attracting advertisers. Some newspapers have staff members writing placeblogs, while others may pay independent placebloggers to produce content for them or otherwise partner with them .." more

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