Samstag, April 21, 2007

The IDG Empire in China With Special Relations

Our network partner Paul Woodward (BSG Asia) made his first draft on IDG China special-relation-results

and is asking for help to digg deeper and to complete the picture.


Maybe he could / should also bring into this picture some of this very helpful special releations starting between two men ... ask Hugo.

One of my other regular read Fons Tuinstra (China Herald) comments on his blog:

"IDG China has always been a rather special media company in this country. It was one of the first foreign companies that entered China and got for that special privileges. While later entering China has become rather difficult if not impossible, IDG could have on to its special position and has been making the best out of that ..." more

I have some experience on my own from some research and consulting work over the last 10 years and in starting a JV in Beijing and several cooperation. Actually the first Chinese language paper for Mainland China (B2B) I was involved in, was published way back in 1969 A.D.