Montag, Mai 14, 2007

Citizen Journalism Project Indonesia:

Maria Margaretta Vivijanti introduces a citizen journalism site from Indonesia (at OhmyNews International)

"Wikimu means your wiki and its slogan, 'bisa-bisanya kita ...', can be translated into 'our own words'. This slogan uses Indonesian slang to show that they are aiming at the younger generation or those young in spirit ... is owned by Intimedia, an IT company. It was founded by Adrianto Gani, the CEO of Intimedia Web Venture, and by three professional journalists: Wisnuhardana, Wicaksono (a journalist from Tempo daily newspaper) and Deriz S. Syarif (a journalist from the daily Bisnis Indonesia).'s first article was published in September 2006 and the site officially launched on Oct. 10, 2006. Not yet a year old, its presence has already made an impact. A television station recently quoted from one of its articles on a sales proposition on a historical building in Jakarta. The writer, Berthold D. H. Sinaulan, is a journalist with a reputable Indonesian daily, Suara Pembaruan. In he can write far beyond his assigned area ..."


During my time as GM Vogel International I cooperated closely with Teddy Surianto, Edi Taslim, Bondan Winarno from Gramedia / PT Elex Media Komputindo to start a.o. CHIP Indonesia