Montag, Mai 21, 2007

Update on 'Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media'

From Toronto Star via MediaChannel

Antonia Zerbisias berichtet von der Herman & Chomsky Media Conference 15. - 17. Mai 2007 der Universität Windsor (Kanada)

20 Years of Propaganda?
Critical Discussions & Evidence on the Ongoing
Relevance of the Herman & Chomsky Propaganda Model

Nun '20 Jahre Propaganda' ist wohl schamlos untertrieben, aber es ging ja 'nur' um die Relevanz und eventuell notwendige Anpassung des Models an heute (19 Jahre später) in der Blogger und Citizen Journalisten, ausgestattet mit Digitalkameras und Laptops - den etabliertenen, institutionalisierten Medien schwer machen ihre Gatekeeperfunktion und Meinungshoheit zu bewahren.

Antonia schreibt im Toronto:
"Lucky the Ambassador Bridge is jammed with trucks. Otherwise, would-be media revolutionaries might storm it armed with digicams and laptops, ready to take on the corporate gatekeepers of news and information.

Here at the University of Windsor, where some 300 scholars, students and media guerrillas are revisiting Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky’s groundbreaking 'propaganda model' on the eve of its 20th anniversary, the talk is of how to take back the public agenda and make it serve the public interest instead of the corporate bottom line.

As Sut Jhally of the University of Massachusetts put it in his galvanizing keynote speech, the 'absences' are what hurt.

'What doesn’t make it in (the news) is more important than what makes it in,' said the executive director of the Media Education Foundation.

In Herman and Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, the authors proposed their propaganda model as a way of understanding how the mass media 'filter' the news through five sieves.

Stripped down for purposes of, as Chomsky would say, typical media 'concision,' they are: ownership interests, advertiser concerns, the nature of journalists’ sources, flak (or negative feedback) and ideology.

No recent failure of the media has been more spectacular than that during the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, when they marched in lockstep to promote the weapons of mass destruction lie ..."

And Antonia's quotes Colin Sparks (University of Westminster in London, England)
"The mass media are not only the enemy, but also the battleground."

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