Sonntag, Juni 10, 2007

Citizen Journalism Projects & Initiatives

Last updated: 25-June-2007

On our Social Media Blog we try to build a list of Citizen Journalism Projects & Initiatives. We know, this list of Citizen Journalism Sites will never be complete - projects come, grow and go ...

You can help! Please send in links for CJ-Site still missing on this list (and any correction) via comment or by eMail.

As there are multiple list from US CJ-Sites on the web, we don't list them here - except they are written (also) for the rest of us. Our aim is to build over time a respectable list for Europe, Africa (and Asia) if our reader and we can read / see something we understand.

Our actual CJ-list (per 10-June-2007):

If you want more than a Link-List, please let us know!

I am involved in the German project Readers Edition . If you are interested we could network, learn from each other and exchange and amplify subjects we care about.