Montag, Juni 25, 2007

LinkedIn Finally To Open Up To Developers

Dan Farber writes on ZDNet Blogs:

"I talked to LinkedIn founder and Chairman Reid Hoffman on Friday at the Supernova 2007 conference about Facebook’s rapid growth and potential incursion into his territory. He told me that over next 9 months LinkedIn would deliver APIs for developers, ostensibly to make it more of platform like Facebook, and create a way for users who spend more time socially in Facebook to get LinkedIn notifications ..." more

Nick O'Nell writes on the same subject at the allfacebook

"Since Facebook opened their platform almost a month ago, I have been receiving the majority of my professional contact requests through Facebook and not LinkedIn [...] If Facebook allowed users to differentiate between their professional and social relationships and control what parts of their profile are visible based on relationship type, it would be the end of most social networks. There would no longer be the need for spreading your relationships across multiple social networks since you can control all of them from one place ... " more

What about ClosedBC? Pardon XING?

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[...} Zukunft - wer weiss das schon?
Vielleicht kommt es ja irgendwann doch noch zu einer heftig dementierten Übernahme? Für mich ist aber ziemlich sicher: Wenn die Anbieter nicht bald vernünftig API's veröffentlichen, die es ermöglichen ihre Netzwerke in andere Anwendungen einzubeziehen - wird es für beide Anbieter eng - und die Karawane zieht (einfach) weiter.