Montag, Juli 02, 2007

10 Reasons There’s a Bright Future for Journalism

Mark Glaser writes on mediashift (Public Broadcasting Service):

"There’s been a lot of debate lately about the future of newspapers, the future of TV, the future of radio — the future of journalism itself — in the face of drastic change brought by technology and the Internet. I’ve asked MediaShift readers whether they thought journalism’s metaphorical cup was half empty or half full and most people saw a pretty bright future [...]" and

1. More access to more journalism worldwide
2. Aggregation and personalization satisfies readers
3. Digital delivery offers more ways to reach people
4. There are more fact-checkers than ever in the history of journalism
5. Collaborative investigations between pro and amateur journalists
6. More voices are part of the news conversation
7. Greater transparency and a more personal tone
8. Growing advertising revenues online
9. An online shift from print could improve our environmental impact
10. Stories never end

Maybe we need more cheering up to get jounalists and publishers going - with more enthusiasm and less uncertainty !?