Sonntag, Juli 29, 2007

Deloitte: Cheering up Magazine Publisher

Not quite, they asked 2,200 U.S consumers online in their 'State of the Media Democracy Survey' and Advertising Age summons up, of course caring for their own readers interest, all consumers - from the age of 13 to 75 - want to read magazines and like print ads.

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Some more Highlights from the Deloitte Media Democracy Study
Distribution by Agegroups

High Demand for User-Generated Content
- 40 percent of all survey respondents are making their own entertainment (editing movies, music and photos)
--- 25 percent of Matures
--- 56 percent of all Millennials; leading Millennials (18-24) participate more
- More than one in 10 Millennials are actively uploading their own videos on the Internet
- 51 percent of all survey respondents are watching/reading content created by others
- 71 percent of Millennials, 56 percent of Xers; Boomers/Mature participation is less, but noteworthy
- 53 percent of Millennials would download more videos if connection speeds were faster
One-third of online content viewing is done on user-generated sites - almost ¼ for Matures, ½ for Millennials

Long Live Traditional Media!

- Favorite and promising new television shows beat the Web as the most frequent media conversation topics for all generations
- Printed magazines are an integral part of every generation's life
--- 72 percent enjoy reading magazines over finding the same information online
--- 58 percent of Millennials agree magazines help them learn about what's "in"

Advertising Insights
- 64 percent tend to pay greater attention to print ads in magazines or newspapers than advertising on the Internet
- More than one-in-four would pay for online content vs. being exposed to ads
- Search engines and word of mouth are the most effective means for driving Web site traffic - 85 percent of Xers are influenced by someone's recommendation

Future Products
Millennials are leading the way as far as embracing new technologies, games, entertainment platforms, user-generated content and communication tools ...

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