Montag, Juli 16, 2007

Europapress Holding (EPH) Goes Social Media

Europapress Holding, the largest media company in Croatia, with 5 dailies, 32 magazines, web, etc. and 50% market share (print) has big plans in new media, social media. The German WAZ Group holds 49 % (or 50 % (according to WAZ) of Europapress Holding, but I hope, they will do their cross-media project faster and better than their colleagues from WAZ / Westeins - which might be easier for them, as the installed base might be not that ossified.

Petar Pavic, Project leader and head of R&D at Europapress holding, explained to us (by eMail) that the new cross-media platform, with a major part on citizen journalism is in the making. The project working title is 'new media' and the project-team is just conducting a poll about the final name.

The new platform, which will embrace hyper-local and nano-special-interest content and organization is planned to come to live in 2007 in online and print.