Mittwoch, Juli 11, 2007 Gets To More Readers With Widgets now offers widgets (via that allow existing and potential readers/users to view, engage and share the site’s content on non-Forbes sites like

- Blogs
- Social media sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace)
- Personalized home pages (e.g. Netvibes and iGoogle) and
- Personal Web sites.

(o.k. it looks lousy in my browser - but the functions are there!)

No chance to mention all media that (slowly) understand why and how to distribute their valuable content and reach their readers more cost effective. But we mention Forbes as our next example, as I do wonder, why my previous, forward-looking college at Vogel Publishing, (Wroclaw) Jerzy Karwelis, now publisher of Forbes Polska , is behind his colleges from US.

What is 'wrong' with you and Axel Springer Polska? Poland is a 'blogger nation'! and embraced Social Media like
(see earlier entry)

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