Montag, Juli 23, 2007

How important is Social Media in Europe?

According to Shel Israel, Loic is "the most knowledgeable person I know (Shel knows) on the subject of social media and Europe" and thats why he asked him a few question for a so called "SAP Social Media Global Research Report" ... GLOBAL

Certainly, Loic knows something about Social Media, and I to appreciate what he ist doing, what he has achieved. But his knowledge about Europe has some serious short comings. He still has this "cold war picture of Western Europe" in his head and cuts out most of Central Europe (if you accept Germany as a part of Central Europe) and doesn't even mention any country from Eastern Europe.

@Loic / Shel:
Social Media plays a very important role in countries like Poland or the Baltic States and it plays an even more important role in Russia!!! So if SAP wants to be a global leader in social media the CEE plays a very important role (in Europe Region)

I would understand somehow if Shel doesn't know and/or care about the changes in small Europe, but Loic the social cheerleader of Nicolas Sarkozy ....