Mittwoch, Juli 25, 2007

Medill Revamps Journalism Program

In July 2006 we posted Print Moves Quickly Online To Thwart Threat From Web Portals and John Lavine's Medill 2020 Vision .

Now there is news on this project from the Chronicle of Higher Education:
"Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism is expected to publicly unveil a revamped curriculum soon that has been the subject of heated debate for more than a year.

At a time when newspaper readership is steadily declining and many readers are bouncing from blogs to Internet video to get their news, the new approach will send student reporters out into the field with video iPods and digital camcorders, as well as spiral notebooks. The most controversial change, though, is the increased emphasis on marketing. This fall, lessons in audience behavior and motivation will be taught alongside drills in crafting leads and meeting deadlines. Students will be encouraged to connect with readers by writing out of storefront newsrooms in diverse Chicago neighborhoods."

Quoting John Lavine:
"It's not enough to train reporters to write for the evening broadcast news show or for the features section of a daily newspaper. Our job is to create journalists who can win and hold the attention of media consumers faced with limited time and abundant media choices." ... more

via PJNet Today