Mittwoch, Juli 04, 2007

OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2007 Recap

If you consult the international / english site of OhmyNews, you won't find much about the 2007 Forum yet - if you read Korean you have more luck ...

OMNI 2007 Forum Videos are now Online

- [Review and Outlook] Past and Future of Cit-J / Dan Gillmore / OhmyTV
- [Session 1] Citizen Journalism in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia / OhmyTV
- [Session 2] Citizen Journalism in South Africa and Australia / OhmyTV
- [Session 3] Citizen Reporters in Their Own Words 1 / OhmyTV
- [Session 4] Citizen journalism in North America / OhmyTV
- [Session 5] Focus - Transplanting Ohmynews to Japan / OhmyTV
- [Session 6] Ensuring Editorial Accountability / OhmyTV
- [Session 7] Citizen Reporters in Their Own Words 2 / OhmyTV
- [Session 8] The Search for a Sustainable Bussiness Model / OhmyTV

As Readers Edition, the German Citizen Journalism platform was not present in Seoul, I point you - who might be interested to benefit from the discussion - to Rory O'Conners who published his record of the event under OhourNews and points to media channels 'OhmyNews 2007 International Citizen Reporters’ Forum Recap, with a listing of reports about the 2007 Forum.

Later on you might find something here

Serhiy Danylenko from Ukraine's Citizen Journalism platform Highway mailed me a copy of his presentation in Seoul and I'm happy to share it with you (PDF).