Mittwoch, Juli 25, 2007

SAP Global Survey Report: Social Media - the Baltics, East and South East Europe

As I mentioned before Shel Israel working on a SAP Global Survey Report on Social Media. Yesterday I critized that Loic's European view was limited to (old) Western Europe and just today I saw that Allan Martinson made up for the (old) Eastern Europe (the 'Warsaw Pact countries' so to speak).

Allan Martinson, a former Journalist, adds a lot of insight from his work as VC about Social Media and Social Software in the Baltic States, in Russia and others countries.

e.g. about Social Networks
Leading Social Network in Estonian:
with 1.3 mil. people registered (or 90 % of internet-connected youngsters) Correction: Estonia has 1.33 / 1.4 mil. inhabitants - the correct no. is 324,967 (2-Aug-2007)!
and for the Baltic Russians they have

Latvia's Social Networks and

Lithuania's leading Social Network

Hungary's leading Social Network

Multiple Russian social networks (means classmates) (a Russian LinkedIn)

- not to forget Russian (see Citizen Journalism in Russia)

(and I might add: - a Russian Facebook clone)

more / the Allan Martinson Interwiev

This information also adds valuable data to Nick Denton World Map of Social Networks