Freitag, August 24, 2007

B.L. Ochman: A US Patriot Calls For A China Boycott

In her post (under the category 'worst practices'), Why It's Time to Boycott China, B.L. Ochman picks up a story from the Okinawa air crash involving a China Airlines plan and a painting job to cover the logo from the Taiwan owned and operated airline...

Probably mixed up about the US China policy she first adapts the Chinese view of the status of Taiwan as part of China, later she is correcting that view, but the wrong story about China's worst practice, is still dominant on her blog ... and she doesn't make clear (which) China her S&P 500 client should boycott.

O.K. Anyone has the right to boycott or ask for boycott, but is it wise? Is it working the way you want? I think it is rather stupid! China is there and it will eventually get to it place in our world it deserves.