Montag, August 13, 2007

Google News Returns Some Power To The Source

Paul Gillin likes the benefits of Google's News comments in balancing the power of Journalists and their sources (a bit more) - and so do I:

"The existing model of journalism, in which a reporter interviews a source and then decides what is relevant about what that source said is based upon outdated assumptions. Until a few years ago, individuals had limited ability to publish. That left the job of deciding what to publish up to the people with access to printing presses. This model is error-prone and shot through with subjective value judgments. If someone was misquoted, which happens more often than a lot of journalists would like to admit, their only recourse was to ask for a correction, which might run days after the original article appeared.

Today, we have a new model. If someone interviews me for a story, I can post my version of the interview on my blog or publish an audio recording. I also think it's reasonable to ask the publication to link back to my comments or recording ..."


I am looking forward to see, which publications have the guts to link back such comments ...