Donnerstag, August 23, 2007

The Internet in Britain: 2007

On this blog you have seen a lot of stats from US, Germany, CEE and Asia, but not so much from UK. So this is for you interested in UK, which is in many aspects a front runner of the Internet Usage and Business in Europe.

The Oxford Internet Institute has published (third time) their OxIS Study 2007
by William H. Dutton and Ellen J. Helsper

I. Profiles of Users and Non-users of the Internet
General Access and Use
Digital Divides: Users and Non-users
Reasons for Non-Use
Access to Technologies
Media Use
Attitudes towards ICTs and the Internet
Attitudes towards Regulation
Unpleasant Experiences on the Internet
Psychological and Social Characteristics of Internet Users

II. Patterns of Internet use
Usage History
Access to the Internet
Proxy Internet Use
Social Networking and Communication
Creativity and production
Entertainment and Leisure
Information Seeking
Civic Engagement and e-Government
Services and Commerce

Microsite OxIS 2007 Report, 83 pages, (Download PDF 6, 3 MB)

Ofcom (Office of Communication) just published
The Communications Market 2007

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