Mittwoch, August 08, 2007

The Power of the We Media

From Dave Cushman's White Paper Wiki: Power of the Network

A new definition of media brands
A media brand is a platform for a community with shared interests. Focused on the interests of this community, the brand owner should aggregate content and offer services. Services are best delivered at the point they are needed

News is:
1. Personalized, real time, community-created, shared information.
2. Best gathered at the point of inspiration (on that handy converged device - the mobile)
3. Best distributed to the point of need (and, taking advantage of the always on, always with you nature of Mobile)

Why / when does new Media win:
Taking the platform/community-first approach reveals the extraordinary power that the new platform generators could generate. It is critical that the creators of those platforms (ideally, the co-creators of those platforms) understand that they are not in control of these platforms – that they don’t set the agenda. They must allow these platforms to be dominated by the communities they serve.

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via Alan Moore's Communities Dominate Brands