Mittwoch, August 08, 2007

Social Networks & Blogging Platforms in Russia (Updated)

I was working hard to get a first overview about Social Networks in Russia ... it is no easy for me and the market is quite crowded. Yandex and Rambler just bought into this field, so for international players it will be difficult to get a foothold in Russia on the subject (remember Google ongoing struggle to get a leading position in Russian language search).

And I asked for help, which I got, thank you!

Yuri Aksyonov from was very helpful and added a ranking to my original list

No. 1 LiveInternet - most popular network
No. 2 LiveJournal (Russian part of it is operating by SUP company)
No. 3 - Portal blogging platform
No. 4

He pointed to a list on ranking services by daily no. of postings

Yuri also adds some comments:
Services like LinkedIn are not popular. Moikrug, as you've pointed, was bought by Yandex. Besides, Yandex is testing service where people can use some additional services (photo storage, blogs, mail and other).

Interesting trend - networks are trying to cooperate with leading media. SUP and publishing house Kommersant agreed to integrate accounts. So, readers of Kommersant need to have LJ account to comment articles, or write at forums. Vedomosti and Yandex agreed to integrate accounts with Moikrug.

Something like Digg is, but it's not popular and other are even less popular.

Expanded list of major social networks: (bought by (like - it has more than one mil. registered user and nearly 65,000 communities - Portal blogging platform (near to LinkedIn) - bought by Yandex (means classmates) / (a Russian Facebook clone)

Dmitriy Tabakov (from Ukraine) shared his 'simple' user first experience (his words)
At once glance is cast on to, that it is a womanish resource obviously. His design talks about it and the name also. Certainly, any can registered there, but it will be interesting mainly for women. Therefore, for its information, news is characteristic, references to other resources presenting a value in the informative understanding only for women. From view of content filling, web site is fully oriented to the Russian-language people and mainly from Russia. We can just surprised by the amount of women owning access to the Internet and visit this source. If subjectively, I would put mark - 3. Because, if it moderate, and there is no spam with viruses how they write, however in fact he such and is with the heap of additional trash which covering ordinary essence. In addition, it is difficult sometimes to understand the value of sections of site, because they are adopted, allegedly in extraordinary execution, however to grasp the meaning, not clicking on them, not possibly.
The name, talking for itself. Going out from his value, present the long list of higher educational establishments, but not only in Russia, but other countries too. However much it is, to enormous in 278 universities and institutes 1904 schools locates only in Moscow. By the way sitting in Ukraine, a server "assumed" that I from Moscow, that as wished him. They closed this mistake by phrase "from unreliable sources we knew that you". If honestly, already it was occasion desirable to stop networking here, because the searching in long list of countries and cities awfully was not pleasure. While, other resources from the list of Hugo work correct, my IP there positioned correctly up to a city. Even when I chose the list of countries, finding Ukraine, and writing the first three letters the system will ask me to correct my university. Otherwise, this resource differs nothing, so no diaries and medias of resources we will not find there. That is why I give mark - three.
It is not say about it, while will not call on a main page and will not see inscription "service of Yandex". At once is clear that we find a product to extending the base of clients, because after registration you will get three mail accounts on the various domains of Yandex. In addition, we have much bigger spectrum of search. There is a section classmate, university-mates and colleagues. Moreover, in a section "acquaintances" locate list of questionnaires with a photo, contacts and positions. Section "work" contains vacancies for job with information about a paying, name of company and employer. Overall, a resource looks pleasantly and there is nothing superfluous. Perhaps, four marks to Yandex, for the work on such course. However, nothing new.
Striked me by it's disorganization. To find a city Kiev it was easily, just because I click randomly on the page of search list containing 30 pages! Even so, the list was in alphabetical order, but to find something very problematic. A resource contains all schools and even summer camps obviously. However, in the Ukrainian segment I found school of Kazantip! But it is a summer festival of club music in Crimea! Therefore, what he do in the list of schools very strange. Similar incomprehensible names yet great number on entire countries and there you begin to think, that newbie users of middle classes made this list. Surely not by professional administrators of site. Because of not interesting design and incorrect content mark - two.
Represented in style of blog. On a page, a great number of bookmarks are for a load the medias and the lists of the most active users and visited communities. In general, nothing super extra ordinal. Resource with the well knowing idea of the personal diary and not differs from many the same ones. Because of famous idea, but high quality executed - I think mark four.
We call on a site, waiting for a long time, while loading and see the copy of well-known design of Yes, Russian variant exactly of this resource. All is executed in the same conservative, however intuitional clear design. A starting page contains approximately those texts what the English-language original has. Form of registration, control a site panel, all is identical. From what can do conclusion, that a resource is created for those aims are uniting people, friends and colleagues which are simpler to call on a site with their linguistic execution, instead of to communicate overcoming linguistic barriers. I do not know what sense the creators of site inlaid, doing identical for the world resource, because, even not having the same resource in Ukraine, I however will go on English variant. However as an idea which working and with a successful project, will put 5, but for the high-quality translation of original web site. Because even by good translation of software in Russia can not boasting.

Dimitry also looked at the Yandex list - and explained (for me not speaking Russian)

1. - Russian,social network
2. - diary, Russian
3. -blogger by
4. - diary, Russian
5. - service of meeting and diary, Russian
6. - something interest. Simple diary and blog created like island which devide in to different parts but with target for talking
on different topics - Russian
7. - diary, Russian
8. - social network by rambler
9. - blogger
10. - blogger by google
11. - diary
12. - tool for creating own web page
13. - blog,called them selves - "Russian community"
14. - diaries for mothers with little childrean
15. - some kind of tematic of warrrior blog. But now its on test.
16. - diaries for special topics. Some kind of democratic movement for people who want say something important.
17. - Moskou community
18. - just blog - Ukrainian at last:)
19. - blogger
20. - -blogger
21. - blog for women
22. - blogger
23. - blog by Windows - Russian
24. - blog
25. - blogger and forum
26. - blogs on base of forum
27. - blogs by... Pepsi
28. - blogger
29. - blog
30. - community by Opera
31. - blogger on base of chat
32. - blog
33. - blogger on (Ukrainian, like

Thank you Yuri, thank you Dmitriy!