Montag, September 03, 2007

BlogCamp CIS & Baltics - Kyiv, October 13-14, 2007

According to my friend Serhiy Danylenko from Highway.UA, the BlogCamp CIS & Baltics 2007 will be probable the first BarCamp in the post-SU territory. Evgeny Morozov (Director of New Media at initiated the project and is organizing the event with people from Baltics, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.'

They expect about 300 bloggers and Social Media people to gather on October 12-14 in Kyiv (Kiev, Ukraine) to discuss Social Media and Web 2.0 development in the region - in four lines of sessions, three in Russian and one in English.

Certainly, participating on this event for interested 'outsider', will be very educational, a good chance to get to know the driving forces behind Blogging, Social Media & Citizen Journalism and Web 2.0 developement in CIS countries & Baltics and to gain and share lots of inside about this fast moving region.

I do not know whether there is enough interest on discussing subject like

- how Social Media and Traditional Media can benefit from each other
- how Social Media can make up for missing or suppressed diversity of mass media
- how Social Media can benefit Special Interest and/or B2B Media

with foreign and non-Russian speaking folks? If so, I will try to participate.

More information via BlogCampCIS 2007 Wiki

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