Mittwoch, September 26, 2007

The Business of Citizen Media

Ryan McGrady started on the Center for Citizen Media:Blog a series of posting on the subject. This is the outline and Ryan is asking for input, comments ...

I. Possible Business Models for Citizen Journalists

* Overview
* Business Models
o Affiliate Programs
o Pay-to-Blog Programs
o Memberships/Subscriptions
o Supportive/Secondary Channel (to drive business or market indirectly)
o Donations
o Merchandise
o Ad Space
* Review/Comparison
* Tax Issues

II. Creating a Website

* Domain Names
* Web Hosts
o Free vs. Paid
o Major Features
o Dedicated Server?
* Blog Software
o The Blog Format
o Blog-Hosting Sites
* Development

Posting will start soon at the CCM:Blog

Making a Business of Citizen Media