Donnerstag, September 20, 2007

Commercial Widget Distribution Platforms

A good overview from Ivan Pope at snipperoo

- Clearspring
- Springwidgets
- Widgetbox
- Widgetavenue
- Wildfire (Gigya)
- yourminis


Addendum: (21-Sept-2007)
Just seeing Barry Graubart notes about a panel Think Small: Why Widgets are the Next Big Thing for Content Distribution, he moderated at the SIIA Brown Bag

Steve Touhill, VP, Business Development for Clearspring
Alex Iskold, Founder and CEO, AdaptiveBlue
Jeff Yolen, Chief Marketing Officer for Sphere

Barry's takeaways from this discussion:
- The content model on the web is shifting from the comprehensive portal to the personalized page where the user controls the selection and arrangement of content.

- Widgets can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, drive advertising sponsorship and for eCommerce/affiliate marketing.

- It's already getting crowded out there and it's hard to get notice for your "widgets in the wild". Making your widget playful is key for viral adoption.

- We're still in the early days of widgets


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