Dienstag, September 04, 2007

Forget PIs and Visits: What People Look At - Eyetracking News Print & Online

You want to know how your reader look at your news in print and online and how they access news? The best way to find out is to watch them!

Poynter watched more than 600 people - aged 18 to 60 - looking through tabloids, broadsheets and newspaper Websites and can provide you a scientific picture how people look and navigate through your news. What are your chances to grab and maintain readers attention? The Eyetracking Study answers questions like

- do readers follow my teasers?
- how deeply do they reading into my copy?
- how will photos, headlines, graphics and info boxes influence my readers?
- how is it different in print and online?

Two Key findings:
Where do people read a larger percentage?
77 percent online, 62 percent in broadsheet, 57 percent in tabloids

What is most attractive, looked first, gets more attention?
Large headlines and photos in print, navigation bars and teaser online

more (incl. a free summary on video)

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