Mittwoch, September 12, 2007

Get Free Books By Selecting Your Ad Sponsor Messages

This sounds like a good idea:

Get you books by asking your PoD (should also work via on demand delivery services for Magazine, Films, Podcast) to include certain ads from companies you choose and you want to read, hear, see ...

- you choose the book you want to buy
- you see how much you've got to pay and
- you add advertisement until the balance is down to zero
- you press the buy button

This advertisement powered free book (or anything) business model comes from , China. Of course the advertising model is not new - but let you choose, which advertising you want to read in return is a step forward and mixes good with Social Media!

more / via Luyi Chen on China Web 2.0 Review and Riku at WappBlog

Interview with Shen Bo, president and founder of

By Annie Sun Shanghai. 13-Sept 2007 INTERFAX-CHINA 

Booklovers can now get books for free online in China through, a Web site launched this year.

When selecting which books they want from BookGG, users can choose from a number of sponsors who wish to advertise in the books, and how many adverts they are willing to have. The location of adverts - front, back, middle or in page corners - can also be specified. If users agree to have enough adverts, the books will be provided to them free of charge.

Customers can also ask for books to be customized, for example, by having their names printed on the cover.

Once customers have made their selection, BookGG re-binds the books it acquired from publishers, inserting whatever adverts have been selected, before dispatching them.

Shen Bo, president and founder of, said the business model could prove revolutionary in how it combines the business resources of the publishing and advertising industries with the strong communication channels offered by the Internet.

Interfax spoke with Shen yesterday about how this pioneering business model is operated and what challenges and opportunities BookGG will face in the future.