Dienstag, September 11, 2007

Half of All Web Viewers Watching What The Other Half Has To Say

From the Research Brief Center for Media Research (11-Sept-2007)

According to the just released Deloitte's study State of the Media Democracy on Media & Entertainment practice, looking at how American consumers between 13 and 75 years of age are using media and technology today


51% of all consumers are watching/reading personal content created by others
71 % of Millennials (age 13 - 24) are watching/reading personal content created by others
55% of Millennials and 42% of Generation X (25 - 41) read blogs
62% of Millennials and 41% of X-ers watch YouTube or other video streaming sites
40% of all consumers are creating their own entertainment, such as editing movies, music and photos.
56% Millennials are creating their own entertainment
25% of Matures (61 - 75) report creating their own entertainment

Source: Deloitte, September 2007

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