Sonntag, September 30, 2007

Myanmar - a Test Case for the Power of Social Media?

Dan Gillmor (citmedia) and Brian Joseph (RFA) talk about the situation, role and chances of Social Media on News Hour with Jim Lehrer - with good insight information!

Here’s a Real Audio link and a link to a downloadable MP3 file.

(via Dan)

Politics and business (see e.g. APF) have their own agenda about Myanmar-Burma. Social Media can proof and use its juvenile, engaging and powerful approach and networking capacity to branch out.

Among the mainstream media (MSM) I think the BBC does a great job, also Aljazeera English (Video on Youtube) - but more networking between blogger, citizen journalists and MSN is needed to succeed.

If you are interested, just let me just name a few (social media) resources for up-to-date information on what is going on
- mostly translated from local blogs -
(you find many more list on the Web, e.g. at )

DVB Democratic Voice of Birma

Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007

Live News Burma

I also want to mention (only) two action
going on
and ask you to consider to join and promote:

A Day of International Action for a Free Burma (October 6th)

organized via a Facebook Group, with more than 160.000 members by now, asking for support of the Monks' protest in Burma (you need to register)

Free Burma Action Day on October 4th

Originally initiated by Robert Basic a few days ago has now a large base in Germany and International. You find information on the ongoing progress here (Wiki) and you are invited to joint in.

So maybe the day, will be two day, a week and / or an ongoing project until the military junta in Myanmar quits and returns the power to the people.

More Links here