Dienstag, September 18, 2007

Wiki Journalism - Are Wikis the New Blogs?

The taxonomy of Wiki Journalism by Paul Bradshaw. Paul present the result on his wiki journalism studies last week at the Future of Newspaper Conference, Cardiff

WIKI Journalism - Are wikis the new blogs?

He identifies five types of wiki journalism:

  • ‘Second draft’ wikis: a ‘second stage’ piece of journalism, during which readers can edit an article produced in-house (Wired article, Esquire, LA Times wikitorial)
  • Crowdsourcing wiki: a means of covering material which could not have been produced in-house (probably for logistical reasons), but which becomes possible through wiki technology (San Diego Tribune’s AmpliPedia; Wired How To Wiki)
  • Supplementary wiki: a supplement to a piece of original journalism, an ‘add-on’: “A tab to a story that says: Create a wiki for related stories” (Francisco, 2006) (CNET’s India Tech Wiki; parts of the Wired How To Wiki)
  • Open wiki: an open space, whose subject matter is decided by the user, and where material may be produced that would not otherwise have been commissioned (Wikinews)
  • Logistical wiki: a wiki limited to in-house contributors which enables multiple authorship, and may also facilitate transparency, and/or an ongoing nature (Dewey Answers; N&Opedia)
Taxonomy Chart:


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