Mittwoch, Oktober 17, 2007

ABM - Forrester: 2007 B2B Research Study

ABM (American Business Media Association) and Forrester presenting the new 2007 Forrester Research Study on B2B Media & Markekting

(BDM's in this study are Business Decision Makers)


And to break down usage or intended usage ...


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Just yesterday I read somewhere, that Mobile doesn't play any role in B2B. This study suggest, that this might be a wrong advise. And as you can see from the first chart 'Social Media' plays an important role, at least for BDM's and those who want to converse (and make business) with them.

From the Executive summary:

- Business decision makers (BDMs) are shifting to digital media use at a faster rate than B2B marketers are adopting these media
- Industry-specific media are more effective at reaching BDMs than general business media
- While each of the key industry-specific media demonstrates unique strengths, they are most effective when used together in an integrated manner
- Industry-specific media extend the reach and effectiveness of the B2B marketer’s sales organization
- B2B marketers plan to underutilize industry-specific media in their future spending compared to BDM’s expected use of these media

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