Mittwoch, Oktober 10, 2007

American Business Elite Using All Media, Prefer Old Media

An IPOS Study on America’s business elite from mid- to large-size companies, finds that US business leaders have a voracious appetite for quality business information. To feed their needs, they still rely more often on newspapers and magazines for news and information, and mix this up with online ...

more about media consumption patterns from this IPOS Study

Some media consumption findings about online

- just over 50 % went online in the previous day
- three in ten have not received a daily email alert or newsletter in the last month
- less than half have streamed or watched a broadband video from computer in the last month
- one third have read a blog in the last month, only 5% have actually contributed
- less than a quarter have downloaded a podcast in the last month

and only 7% are willing to pay for online business news