Freitag, Oktober 05, 2007

Any Effect from the Google / News Agency Deal on Newspaper Sites had this week two articles on the subject

Microsoft Executive warned online papers against Google news agency deal (3-Oct-2007)

" executive producer Peter Bale (former editorial director of Times Online) tells APA conference that agency deal could cause 'bump down' in traffic for newspaper sites, "I imagine that publishers such as the Times, the Guardian, the Sun, will start to see quite a bump down in traffic being generated from Google to them from that ... " (article)

Early data from Nielsen/NetRatings suggest little effect from Google/agency publishing deal (5-Oct-2007)

"Concerns that Google publishing agency news stories might have an adverse effect on traffic to news publisher's sites may be cooled by early US user data that shows little change to the user levels of leading destinations - and Google News itself ... "


I think it, is to early to make a conclusion and not surprising that Microsoft is trying to find more coalition partner to build and rule their empire.

People that didn't use Goggle News before, will not run in masses to use Googele News instead of their Newspaper portal. But the number of people to go and stay with Google News will grow with the experience in being serviced well and better than somewhere else, so do your job!